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Hitchens on Hardball


If you missed Hitchens on Hardball Wednesday night (and given MSNBC’s ratings, who didn’t?), this quote bears repeating:

[Cindy Sheehan] is also inviting a terrific riposte. What if we were to say, very well, the conduct of this war will depend on an opinion poll which we’ll take of relatives of the fallen in Iraq, only they can decide, only they have the authority. She would lose.
The entire exchange is worth reading. Hitchens also quoted Sheehan’s Nightline letter in a Slate magazine piece, and had this to say of Sheehan’s claims that the letter was doctored:

She has, just today, lied about a statement that she made several times before to the effect that her son was killed in a war run by a secret Jewish cabal within the administration. She now says she didn


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