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Cooper: “We’ll Continue to Follow”


Last night on 360, Anderson Cooper addressed the possibility that Cindy Sheehan may have lied to him during his interview with her. After playing the videotape of the interview (see here), in which Sheehan denies ever saying that her son joined the Army “to protect America, not Israel,” Cooper said:

Well, today, we’ve received numerous e-mails from viewers who saw that, and said, “Well, she lied. We read online that ABC News confirmed she sent them a letter saying exactly that.”

So we contacted ABC News today about it. They said they had received a letter on behalf of Cindy back in March. They said took it seriously enough that they responded to it, but so far they cannot find the actual e-mail, they say. They say they’re trying to find it, they’re investigating.

Bottom line, ABC News right now does not seem to be confirming this is what Cindy Sheehan wrote to them, so stay tuned. We’ll continue to follow.

That’s what I reported yesterday afternoon, and I’ll continue to follow the story as well. Thanks to the Media Blog readers who wrote in to 360. I still haven’t seen or heard about any reporters asking Sheehan directly about the letter.


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