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Bob Dole Gets It Half-Right


Bob Dole’s op-ed in the NY Times today gets it half-right: The exposure of Valerie Plame’s identity was almost certainly not a crime. But he gets it half wrong in arguing for a national shield law for reporters. An editorial in today’s Bloomington Pantagraph explains why:

In journalism, the line between watchdog and crusader is sometimes blurred.

When the media battles governmental bodies that try to keep it out of meetings or from obtaining public documents, the media insists it is representing the public. But the public doesn’t have shield laws to protect it from subpoenas.

Until journalists do a better job of restoring their own credibility, we shouldn’t be encouraging a feel-good, federal shield law.

As I wrote the last time this subject came up, broadening journalist-source confidentiality privileges in the wake of Newsweek


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