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Blitzer Corrects on NARAL; CNN Calls Specter’s Letter “Play of the Week”


Wolf Blitzer corrected CNN’s erroneous report that NARAL’s ad was running on Fox News, as part of a longer segment on the NARAL ad in which CNN political analyst Bill Schneider called Sen. Arlen Specter’s condemnation of the ad the political “Play of the Week.”

Just for the record, I don’t hate Blitzer or The Situation Room. Media Blog readers know I applaud CNN’s effort to put more hard news on during the daytime, and even though The Situation Room needs to work out some kinks, it’s better than Aruba-Teen or Bonnie-and-Clyde coverage.

Having said that, I am still thoroughly dismayed that Blitzer missed the chance to ask Clinton about Able Danger yesterday when he had him on. That interview, which CNN won’t shut up about, didn’t really make any news. It could have, however, if Blitzer had asked Clinton what he knew about the project.


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