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No Coverage of Air America Scandal


The MSM’s refusal to cover the growing scandal at the liberal Air America radio network (Michelle Malkin has more details about how the former director of the network, Evan Cohen, loaned over $850,000 to himself from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club, where he was development director, to keep Air America afloat) has gotten so bad that even the lefties at CJR Daily are asking “Hello?”:

What do you get when you cross a controversial liberal media outlet, the continuing fingerprints of its former director who resigned in disgrace, and hundreds of thousands of dollars apparently skimmed from a local non-profit that cares for disadvantaged youth and the elderly?

Well, one would think you would have a story with all the elements to at least make the business pages of the major dailies — but then, one would be wrong.

If CJR is this worked up about the MSM ignoring a scandal involving a liberal cause, you know you’ve got a serious omission going on.


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