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Kristof Calls Out Media


Nicholas Kristof is fed up with his colleagues for making him do all the hard work of reporting on the genocide in Darfur:

I’m outraged that one of my Times colleagues, Judith Miller, is in jail for protecting her sources. But if we journalists are to demand a legal privilege to protect our sources, we need to show that we serve the public good – which means covering genocide as seriously as we cover, say, Tom Cruise. In some ways, we’ve gone downhill: the American news media aren’t even covering the Darfur genocide as well as we covered the Armenian genocide in 1915.
That’s exactly what I was thinking. Of course, this column reminded me of Progressive-Era journalist Kricholas Nistof’s complaint that the Armenian genocide didn’t get nearly as much coverage as the scandal that ensued when Audrey Munson became the first actress to shed all her clothes on film. Some things never change.


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