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Not NYT Reporter’s First Run-In With NR


My post on Kate Zernike’s flawed report on the government’s recent battle with the ACLU isn’t the New York Times reporter’s first run-in with NR. Back in 2000, former NR editorial associate Melissa Seckora caught another suspect story by Zernike (check out the stone-age NRO design — ye olde Corner looks even weirder).

Seckora got suspicious after reading a story in which Zernike reported that various cities across the country were denying the Boy Scouts access to public parks and other municipal sites after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts had a right to exclude gays.

“I called all the places she talked to and everyone I talked to contradicted what the Times had reported,” Seckora said. “We called the Times and they issued a tiny little correction where no one could see it.” So Seckora wrote a follow-up story about the correction.

Everyone makes mistakes. However, not everyone’s mistakes always portray the world as a paranoid liberal fantasy.


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