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Al-Qaeda Just Another “Insurgent Group”


Media Blog reader W.A. Davis points out the following story on

Please quickly click over to and read the story about “Suspected leaders of al Qaeda in Iraq captured.” Then read on a bit to see that al-Qaeda is an “insurgent group”, not “terrorists,” a “terror group,”
“terrorist group” or “terrorist organization.”
Al-Qaeda in Iraq is an Islamic terrorist organization — part of a global jihad against the West and Israel. If we left Iraq today, they have already told us what they would do: follow us. Insurgents, rebels, resistance — these words disguise what we’re fighting in Iraq and around the world.

UPDATE: Al-Qaeda in Iraq now denies it orchestrated the attack that killed 18 kids, three U.S. soldiers and wounded 70 yesterday. And you can trust them, because they’re al-Qaeda. They’re just an “insurgent group”. They would never kill any kids.


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