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Hold the Triumphalism


The Washington Post, Jim Romenesko and Kevin Drum can’t conceal their glee at the fact that so far, the two ombudsman hired at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting haven’t reported on bias at NPR or PBS. Here’s the Post’s Paul Farhi:

[W]hat kind of slanted reporting have Ken Bode and William Schulz uncovered since they began work three months ago? As it turns out, not much. Actually, as it turns out, none at all.
Don’t you think it’s a little early for gloating? The ombudsman have written a grand total of five reports so far. One of these merely outlined an ombudsman’s philosophy. The others have addressed specific programs, not the overall balance of PBS and NPR coverage. And of the programs addressed — a documentary about the Appalachians, the trial of a white supremecist, and NPR coverage of the security situation in Mosul, Iraq — only the Iraq story even carries the potential for complaints of bias, unless you count complaints from the Klan. After decades of biased reporting from PBS and NPR, I think we need to give the ombudsmen a little more than three months to evaluate things.


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