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How Can They Write Honestly About Terrorism...


…when they think we’re the terrorists? Boston Globe columnist Derrick Z. Jackson:

The innocents in the so-called war on terror are always ”our” citizens or the citizens of our allies. The only innocent Iraqis are those killed by ”insurgents.” Our soldiers clearly did not intend to kill innocents. But this posturing of America as the great innocent, when everyone knows we kill innocents ourselves, is likely only to make us look more like the devil in the eyes of a suicide bomber.
Hey Derrick. It is a tragedy that, in our war against Islamic terrorists, which (though you disagree) included Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq, innocent lives were lost despite the extreme care taken by the U.S. military.

But when you draw an equivalence (and that’s what you did) between those innocents and these innocents, you’ve lost the ability to tell right from wrong. Maybe the horror of a world where Islamic terrorists torture and kill children on purpose has convinced you that we live in a Godless universe with no right and wrong (it’s happened to greater minds than yours). I don’t know. But nowhere in your venomous column do you acknowledge that this is what we’re fighting against: We’re fighting against people who train to kill children. It’s sad that innocents have died at our hands in this war. It’s tragic. But we’re fighting people who would do worse than Beslan if they could. Much worse.


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