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Media converged on the London story today, and depite initial and unavoidable confusion, the coverage was admirable. One last round-up of MSM and blogosphere coverage:

Scotsman: Death toll up to 37…

Washington Post: …with at least 700 injured.

ABC: Police found two unexploded bombs.

BBC: London blasts: Timeline and Maps.

CNN: Britain launches search for bombers.

MSNBC: Attacks point to al-Qaida.

Reuters: U.S. raises tuh-tuh-terrorism alert level (they said it!) for buses and trains.

Al Jazeera: Dozens killed in “Serial Blasts”.

Guardian: Londoners help each other.

New York Times: G8 focus shifts to terrorism.

CBS: Lots of online video coverage.

NRO: This is war.

PLUS: Blogosphere reactions:

I already linked to this Wall Street Journal article on how British citizens used cameraphones and blogs to cover their story, but I’m linking again because it’s unmissable.

The Corner’s had good reporting and commentary all day.

Andrew Sullivan has lots of British blog reactions, including this round-up at Europhobia, links to British blogger Tim Worstall and links to the Guardian’s blog.

Instapundit reaches far and rounds up tons of blog reactions.

TVNewser tracked the nets all day (and answered my “dueling O’Briens” question: Everyone else was on a plane to London).

Finally, my friend Alex Singleton, in London, writes on the Globalization Institute’s blog:

Today’s terrorist attacks on London show an profound ignorance of the British people. As a nation, we went through the IRA attacks. We know terrorism. But there’s one thing the British won’t accept: being bullied into a position. Terrorism doesn’t divide us: it unites us.


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