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CNN’s Dueling O’Briens Finally Off the Air


TVNewser has been keeping a record of the TV coverage of the London bombings, along with a look at CNN’s record-long edition of “American Morning” with Miles O’Brien and Soledad O’Brien, but he never answers my question: Why did CNN decide to go with the dueling O’Briens for this story? Where was Wolf? What on earth were they thinking? Kathryn Jean Lopez pointed out several glaring examples of this lightweight nonsense on the Corner:

She can’t be on all day long, so this will stop soon. “Their wounds are almost like they are war wounds” she said to Dr. Gupta.

Breaking news: THEY ARE WAR WOUNDS.

What’s next? An all-day “Fox and Friends”? Notice that ABC did not go with a seven-hour special edition of “The View”.


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