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Cooper Will Testify


Fox News is reporting that Matthew Cooper, the Time reporter threatened with jail time for refusing to disclose his source in the Valerie Plame leak investigation, has agreed to testify rather than go to jail.

UPDATE: Fox just reported that NY Times reporter Judith Miller will not reveal her sources.

UPDATE II: AP story here.

UPDATE III: Fox further reports that Matt Cooper’s source relieved him of the duty. According to AP:

“I went to bed ready to accept the sanctions” for not testifying, Cooper said. But he told the judge that not long before his early afternoon appearance, he had received “in somewhat dramatic fashion” a direct personal communication from his source freeing him from his commitment to keep the source’s identity secret.
UPDATE IV: Fox reports that Miller also received a waiver from her source, but that she believed that waiver was compelled by her source’s employer and so refused to honor it. Miller is going to DC jail.

UPDATE V: Cooper said he received a “Personal, unambiguous, uncoerced waiver to speak to the grand jury” from his source. NY Times executive editor Bill Keller called this is a “chilling” turn of events.


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