Nate Silver: Dems Talking About Impeachment More than GOP

by Greg Pollowitz

Well if Nate writes it, it must be true:

House Speaker John Boehner said Tuesday that Republicans have no plans to impeach President Obama, and that all the impeachment talk was driven by Democrats hoping to stir up their base.

Boehner’s statement isn’t literally true: There have been mentions of impeachment around the edges of the GOP and by some Republican members of Congress. But on the whole, Democrats are spending a lot more time talking about impeachment than Republicans.

Consider, for example, the Sunlight Foundation’s Capitol Words database, which tracks words spoken in the House and Senate. So far in July, there have been 10 mentions of the term “impeachment” in Congress and four others of the term “impeach.” Eleven of the 14 mentions have been made by Democratic rather than Republican members of Congress, however.

Impeachment chatter has also become common on cable news. On Fox News this month, Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor, called for Obama’s impeachment, for instance. But for every mention of impeachment on Fox News in July, there have been five on liberal-leaning MSNBC.

This data comes from a Lexis-Nexis search of transcripts on each network. It counts each mention of the words “impeach” or “impeachment.” The terms were used 32 times in a single episode of MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” on Monday. (Ordinarily, I’d adjust for the overall volume of words spoken on each network, but I know from my previous research that MSNBC and Fox News have about the same number of words recorded in Lexis-Nexis.)

The scoreboard so far in July: Fox News has 95 mentions of impeachment, and MSNBC 448. That works out to about 2.7 mentions per hour of original programming on MSNBC, or once every 22 minutes. (This data is as of late Tuesday afternoon.)

It’s not just MSNBC. Team Obama is using impeachment talk for fundraising. From The Atlantic:

21 Emails From the Democratic Party About Impeachment

President Obama’s supporters are using fringe threats as a potent fundraising tool. Here’s what it looks like.

And then there’s this gem caught by BuzzFeed’s Katherine Miller. Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee has a slight memory problem:

We Never Tried To Impeach Bush, Says Democratic Lawmaker Who Co-Sponsored Bush Impeachment Bill

We’ll see if this lets up at all during the summer recess, but I doubt Dems will cut the rhetoric. 



Ratings Trouble at Morning Joe?

by Greg Pollowitz


With 72K viewers Tuesday morning, MSNBC’s Morning Joe came in fourth place in the 25-54 demo, behind Fox News’ Fox & Friends (253K), HLN’s Morning Express (102K) and CNN’s New Day (90K).

In total viewers, Morning Joe came in third place with 307K, trailing Fox & Friends with 931K and New Day with 327K, but ahead of Morning Express with 280K.

It’s a boring show — what does MSNBC expect? 

NYT: Pot Should Be Legal, But Don’t Smoke It?

by Greg Pollowitz

Here’s a one-line summary of life at the New York Times: Marijuana should be legal, but employees better not toke up because drug-testing of employees will continue. Via Michael Calderone at the HuffPo:

But the editorial board’s new stance doesn’t mean incoming Times employees can partake. As Gawker recently noted, the Times is one of several big media companies that require prospective hires to take a drug test. A Times spokeswoman told HuffPost that the paper’s policy for drug testing hasn’t changed, despite the editorial board’s decision.

“Our corporate policy on this issue reflects current law,” the spokeswoman said. “We aren’t going to get into details beyond that.”

Sarah Palin Has an Online TV Channel Now

Dear AP: Please Proof Your Tweets. Thanks!

by Greg Pollowitz


The AP later clarified its earlier announcement


When Promoted Tweets Go Bad

by Greg Pollowitz

This paid-for tweet asking me to subscribe to Israel’s Haaretz newspaper showed up in my timeline this morning:

I’m pretty sure, ”a beach day” was not the answer Haaretz was looking for. Unless, of course, those are special Hamas-proof umbrellas. 

So Sad: POTUS Cancels on Jimmy Kimmel

by Greg Pollowitz

I guess Jimmy Kimmel’s show is the “red line” the president won’t cross as he deals with Ukraine and the war between Israel and Hamas. Via Mark Knoller:

But, the fundraising will go on as scheduled:



Politico’s Roger Simon vs. Governor Rick Perry

by Greg Pollowitz

And this is why reporters shouldn’t try to be funny: