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Bounced Out


So much for the afterglow. The president’s post-health care “bounce” is gone, and Americans are increasingly blaming him for high unemployment and a stagnant economy.

A new USA Today/Gallup Poll finds that nearly two in three Americans say health-care reform costs too much, expands government too far, and will worsen deficits, while a plurality believe it will increase premiums and reduce coverage.

Overall, 50 percent of respondents called passage of the Affordable Care Act “a bad thing” while 47 percent called it “a good thing.” Those numbers mirror Obama’s approval/disapproval split of 47/50 — which also marks the first time Obama’s disapproval has climbed that high.

The survey also found a lingering distaste for “process” issues that Democrats tried to play down as the bill neared passage. 53 percent of respondents called Democratic methods “an abuse of power.”

Meanwhile, 50 percent of respondents said Obama doesn’t deserve to be re-elected, an 26 percent say he deserves “a great deal of blame” for the nations economic problems – double the number who said as much last summer.


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