Bob Iosue Writes About Cutting College Costs

by George Leef

Today’s Wall Street Journal has three letters to the editor about the August 27 op-ed by University of Colorado president Bruce Benson, wherein he showed how his administration had found plenty of needless expenses to cut. I’m copying below one of them, written by former York College president Robert Iosue:

Every college president should follow President Bruce Benson’s lead in addressing college costs. He was smart to reduce a bloated administration first, which let everyone know he was serious. It made his life easier when he addressed small teaching loads by the faculty, which were increased by one more class. He then addressed many smaller savings, one of which was promoted nationwide as a cost savings but turned out to be more expensive—statewide centralized procurement systems. He proved that once a centralized system is formed, bureaucracies are created that are beyond the reach of those being served. More important, he showed that cost containment is possible if it is within arm’s reach.

Robert V. Iosue, Ph.D.

For more of Bob’s work on college costs, read his Pope Center piece from last November.