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Read the Times, Not the Post


That is, read John Tierney’s column in The New York Times today on “Daring to Discuss Women in Science,” and skip The Washington Post’s article on “Medical schools struggle to get greater diversity.”  The former bravely discusses the most recent evidence that Larry Summers may have been right that men are just naturally overrepresented among the super-talented in the sciences and math (a silly federal bill mandating “gender equity” workshops to the contrary notwithstanding). The latter is a predictable paean to the glories of diversity (the only evidence cited for which is a study two years ago that found “those who had attended more ethnically and racially mixed medical schools saw themselves [any reason to think they were right?] as better able to interact with a diverse patient pool than those from less mixed schools”), ignoring hard issues like whether those glories –  even assuming they exist — justify little costs like, oh, engaging in racial discrimination rather than focusing on talent.


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