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Free Condoms in Elementary School


Apparently, school officials in randy ole Provincetown, Mass., have decided to make free condoms available to students of all ages — even those in elementary school.

Before you go thinking that our public schools have gone mad, consider one key advantage Provincetown kids will enjoy: When they make it to college, and are inundated with corporate condom giveaways and bawdy marketing campaigns, those kids will be far ahead of the curve. Who knows? Perhaps distributing condoms to first graders is Provincetown’s idea of early college prep.

On the other hand, whether those kids will be able to actually learn anything in college is doubtful. A 2009 report shows that only 23 percent of graduating high schoolers are ready to earn at least a “C” or higher in the four key areas of English, math, reading, and science. In view of such spectacular academic failure on the part of our schools, it is reassuring to know that young kids will understand how to handle latex even before they can read.


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