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How Fares the Group of 88?


The careers of these faculty members, infamous for their role in the Duke lacrosse scandal, have flourished. How ingrained, irresponsibility in the academy, says K. C. Johnson:

In any other profession, behavior as outrageous as that exhibited in the lacrosse case by the faculty in Duke’s humanities and (some) social sciences departments would have prompted at the least intensive soul-searching and (in the corporate world, at least), dismissal. Principles of academic freedom, appropriately, guard against retaliatory action toward professors who take ill-conceived positions. But with the rights of academic freedom are supposed to come responsibilities as well — including open-mindedness in pursuit of the truth. The Group’s utter lack of accountability — and what it says about the state of the fields that they dominate — reflects the malaise that continues to beset contemporary higher education.


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