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Re: ‘Dumpster-Diving’ Students Get Earful from Palin


Candace, I think it is reasonable for Palin to question the methods of the dumpster-diving students at CSU Stanislaus, as well as the motives of democratic politicians who sought to turn her $75,000 speaking fee into political kerosene for the fires of liberal outrage. But I can’t take Palin’s side on this. Her foes may be unreasonable. But her appearance fee is also unreasonable.

Sarah Palin has nothing to say that is worth paying $75,000 to hear.

To be sure, many of our nation’s most famous politicians make obscene amounts of money giving speeches. President Clinton, for example, has reportedly been paid as much as $350,000 for a single speech. (Talk about not getting your money’s worth!)

Often big multi-national corporations are the ones who are willing to fork over these stratospheric speaking fees. It doesn’t seem like good business. But if that’s how some for-profit company wants to spend its money, I don’t blame Clinton or Palin or anyone else for taking the cash.

In this case, however, Palin’s speech was for an educational fundraiser. I think she would do well to reduce her fee when the event is meant to raise money for a charitable cause. Though, to be fair, the CSU Stanislaus Foundation was expected to make a lot of money selling tickets to the $500-a-plate event.


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