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The End of Honesty about Women


The article “The End of Men: how women are taking control — of everything,” in the Atlantic Monthly, is little more than a piece of breathless propaganda. The author, Hanna Rosin, simply cheerleads for the rise of women in many areas, as if this happened by virtue of their naturally superior talents rather than largely due to enormous political pressure to make the sexes equal in outcomes. She writes as if affirmative action for women had nothing to do with it, and as if political correctness and other kinds of coercive measures weren’t  being used to keep back any honest criticism or evaluation. She mentions how women outnumber men in colleges without adding what the feminization of the academy has done to real education. (See for example, Karen Agness, “For Members Only: Feminism on Campus Today,” at the NAS website.) And she completely fails to note the obvious and concerted effort to diminish and ridicule men and boys in media, education, and popular culture, in order to make girls and women look superior.


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