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Re: Young, College Educated, and Unemployed


Nathan, you consistently find the most interesting cultural articles. I am particularly intrigued and disappointed that in an era of an ongoing two-front war and an expanding military, so many young people don’t even seem to consider the military as an option. We’re living in a time when a tiny fraction of the population is bearing the burden of multiple deployments, while the vast majority of their peers — enjoying the freedom and leisure guaranteed by the sacrifice of their high-school and college classmates — don’t even think about taking their turn on the line.

Of course the military is not for everyone, but of the 37 percent of college grads who are unemployed, a large number are men and women who — with the right training and leadership — could do great things for their country and could help relieve a crushing burden borne by their fellow citizens. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Why not join the fight?


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