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Not Much Intellectual Diversity Here


While perusing the website of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I ran across this little statement attached to information about the LGBT/Queer minor:

 Note: Due to the similarity in the curriculum, GWS [Gender & Women's Studies] Majors and Minors can not earn a minor in LGBT/Queer Studies. GWS majors and minors may, however, use required and elective LGBT/Queer Studies as part of their coursework. GWS minors may elect to drop the minor in GWS and add the minor in LGBT/Queer Studies.

So there’s not much daylight between women’s studies and queer studies? That’s a bit of an inconvenient fact for those who’d argue that women’s studies programs offer a broad range of views and examine women’s lives in all their diversity and complexity.


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