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More ‘Country-Clubization’ of Campuses


Never mind ballooning tuitions, teetering endowments, and decline of academic quality throughout U.S. higher-education institutions, and never mind that their funding models are unsustainable. The fun and games must go on, no matter the economic and intellectual crisis on campuses.  

A new study from the Delta Cost Project shows that U.S. universities and colleges continue to spend less of their resources on instruction and more on recreational facilities and administration, according to the New York Times.

In other words, more intramural athletics and grand student-union buildings, or, as Richard Vedder puts it, more ”country-clubization” of academe. “In the zeal to get students,” he says, “they are going after them on the basis of recreational amenities.”

Shame on university boards and presidents for not standing up for the right priorities.


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