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Racial Diversity, a ‘Personnel Priority’ at Naval Academy, Will Apply to Entire Navy


The editors of the Washington Times note that the U.S. Naval Academy lists racial diversity as its “highest personnel priority,” evidently even above the mission of educating future Navy officers for fighting and winning the country’s wars.

As revealed in the latest national-security leak — an e-mail from a Navy admiral on “Diversity Accountability” — the whole Navy has adopted this same priority.

The message, from Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead, directs other key officers to identify by name [on a secret list due to its“sensitive nature” -- a list also likely to be leaked] “the diverse officers with high potential . . . [and] the plan for their career progression.” Roughead indicates he may follow up on “what is being done within to ensure they are considered for key follow on billets within the Navy.”

According to the Times:

In practice, the Navy will be creating a list of privileged “diverse” officers who will enjoy special benefits and career mentoring not available to people of the wrong race, as well as a virtual guarantee of fast-track access to the highest reaches of command . . . [i.e., it] is erecting a wall of segregation between what will amount to two parallel promotion systems: one for the “diverse” and another for the monotone. If this isn’t illegal, it should be . . .

The Times is spot on:

This type of backward, 20th-century, overtly racial thinking has no place in 21st-century post-racial America . . . this system [of] blatant, invidious discrimination . . . will, in fact, relegate “diverse” sailors to a form of second-class status. Any nonwhite male sailor who — through intelligence, initiative and drive — builds a stellar career will simply be seen as just another special case, just one of “the Listers” . . . [who] will have to work twice as hard to command respect . . . [Moreover], if you are a white male, it might be time to set sail and seek opportunities elsewhere.

It would appear that higher education’s obsession with race has taken hold in all of our institutions, even our renowned Navy.


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