The Bones of Geronimo

by Nathan Harden

A Judge has thrown out a lawsuit filed against Yale’s super-secret Skull and Bones society by a descendant of the famed Apache warrior Geronimo.

Legend has it that the late Prescott Bush, father of George H. W. Bush, ransacked Geronimo’s tomb in 1918, and carried the chief’s bones back to the mysterious, tomb-like Skull and Bones meeting hall in New Haven, Ct.

Although the society is small in size, it counts among its alumni both Bush presidents, John Kerry, and this magazine’s founder, William F. Buckley.

The plaintiff, Geronimo’s great-grandson, had hoped to determine, once and for all, the whereabouts of the chief’s bones, and to return them to traditional Indian burial grounds. But, for now, the location of Geronimo’s remains will remain a mystery.

Somewhere, Dan Brown is probably busy adapting this story into his next bestseller.

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