MSA Girding for School Year

by Candace de Russy

The Muslim Student Association, with chapters at more than 100 U.S. colleges and U.S. universities, is gearing up to serve once again, in the upcoming academic year, as a vehicle of extremism, hatred, and incitement to violence.

Patrick Poole provides a partial list of top MSA leaders who have been arrested and convicted on a wide array of terrorism charges, ranging from material support of terrorist groups to being actively involved in terrorist plots. All too fitting, therefore, is the group’s designation by counterterrorism authorities as a “radicalization incubator.”

Nonetheless, in all fairness, as Poole writes:

It would certainly be grossly unfair to tar the tens of thousands of MSA members across the country as terrorist supporters or would-be terrorists solely for their participation in the organization and the actions of these MSA leaders. Despite the historic extremism of the group’s national leadership, some chapters have been outspoken in their demand for a moderate, non-violent form of Islam.

Let us hope that in the months ahead we hear more from these voices of moderation who have even “complained of the authoritarian structure, manipulation of elections, and religious extremism” that infects many MSA chapters.

Poole concludes on an ominous note: “Considering [the group's overall] horrible historical track record, as students return for a new school year perhaps other terrorist plots are stewing in the MSA terror incubator.”

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