This Sure Does Look Like a Conflict of Interest

by George Leef

In today’s Pope Center article, Jane Shaw writes about the disturbing fact that in North Carolina, the UNC system holds the power of licensing over competing private and for-profit schools.

Some serious grumbling arose during the most recent UNC Board of Governors meeting, with several UNC leaders complaining about the competition they’re facing from private and for-profit institutions. One individual expressed his displeasure over the fact that a private law school was allowed to start up in Charlotte and another muttered about “jerking the license” of for-profit schools if they don’t raise their graduation rates. Of course, the graduation rates of some UNC schools are also low, but evidently that’s all right.

All of this fits in with the crusade against for-profit education that the Democrats have launched.

There is a lesson here: We ought to have a separation of education and state.

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