UT’s New ‘Journal of Administrative Antics’

by Candace de Russy

Brian Anse Patrick, an associate professor at the University of Toledo, has founded and is asking for submissions to an online, much-needed, interdisciplinary journal on the “vapid self-serving excess by administrative ‘elites’ that have adapted themselves to functioning at general social expense.”

Anyone interested in exposing administrative foibles might consider approaches such as the following:

  • Analyses of administrative rhetoric, themes, equivocations, techniques, either by methods of textual analysis or quantitative content analysis or by other means.
  • Econometric studies.
  • Comparative analyses.
  • Case studies. 
  • Ethnomethodological or participant-observer studies.
  • Literature reviews.
  • Effects research.
  • Nomothetic or historical analyses.
  • Anthropological-based approaches

May the JAA thrive and grow. 

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