Just How DID “No Impact Man” Get to Wilmington?

by George Leef

In today’s Pope Center piece, Jenna Ashley Robinson writes about the talk recently given at UNC-Wilmington by Colin Beavan, known as “No Impact Man” for his stunt of living for a year “off the grid” to minimize his supposedly malign effect on the environment. He’s making a pretty penny giving talks on college campuses. I don’t think he rode a bicycle or walked to Wilmington.

This is the kind of thing college administrators lap up, since Beavan’s ideas mesh with their latest fad of “sustainability.” It also seems to appeal to a lot of students who have been told over and over that we are destroying the planet and must stop using so much energy and other resources. After applauding Beavan, most of them sensibly go right back to their computers in air-conditioned buildings.

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