Minorities in Medicine

by Roger Clegg

The Chronicle of Higher Education just posted a news item titled, “Minority Students Lead Rise in Enrollments at Medical Schools.” And it goes through how the numbers are up for Hispanics, blacks, and American Indians. And that, of course, covers all the minority groups, yessiree, every last one of them. As I explain in my comment on the item:

Asians, of course, don’t count. But, in case you are interested, it appears that their applicants increased by 3.2 percent and their enrollees by 2.4 percent. As I read the tables, they now make up 23 percent of first-year enrollees and 22 percent of applicants. But they are not — repeat, not — to be considered minority students. If they were, then this would be very embarrassing for those who insist that members of the other, true minority groups are entitled to preferential admissions treatment — especially when the Asian students are being admitted in the face of, rather than as beneficiaries of, such discrimination.

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