Christianity, Stigma, and Suicide

by David French

My latest column at Patheos responds to the argument that “religion is killing our most vulnerable youth” and that the best way to prevent suicide (like the most recent tragedy at Rutgers) is to further de-stigmatize homosexual behavior. The money graf:

As we de-stigmatize homosexuality, the human toll continues to mount. Why? Perhaps because the fundamental problem wasn’t “stigma” in the first place. Perhaps when the problem is sin, de-stigmatizing sin doesn’t actually heal the human heart. Celebrating sin doesn’t ultimately soothe the conscience. And in celebrating sin, we often stigmatize the one Truth that can offer light in the darkness of the soul.

So far it is not being well-received by commenters — on Patheos or on Facebook. Am I way off base? I’d love to know your thoughts.

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