Wisdom about Science from Michio Kaku

by Carol Iannone

Michio Kaku was on C-SPAN a couple of weeks ago and he must be the most pleasant scientist on the planet, certainly as compared to the charmless competititon. Regarding Stephen Hawking’s grandiose statement that there was no need for God because the universe could have created itself through the laws of gravity, Kaku said we still need someone to have created the laws, and that would be God. He also said he is very disturbed to hear the current political chatter, which seems to be entirely about redistributing the current pie of material wealth, rather than about the innovations that would produce a bigger pie.

He noted that the level of material well-being we enjoy today is largely due to scientific discovery and advance, and he lamented that so little attention is given to science education in our country, and that most advanced students in the sciences are coming from abroad. I didn’t hear his whole interview, but this might have something to do with the overemphasis on the education of girls in recent decades, to the detriment of the interests of boys. Since boys tend to excel in science more than girls, teachers might have deliberately underplayed it, in order to satisfy the demands of PC in pushing girls forward. Also, the science curriculum may have been watered down in order not to let boys seem superior, so that the lower school preparation in general has become insufficient for advanced study in many cases.    

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