Undoing College, Five Minutes at a Time

by Jason Fertig

Last week, talk radio host Dennis Prager released a new “Prager University” video, in which he aimed to convey the root causes on the Middle East conflict. This video, like his others, is professionally produced and worth watching, even if you disagree with everything Mr. Prager states.

In addition, more important than any one video on this site is the mission behind Prager University — “Give us five minutes; we’ll give you a semester.” Mr. Prager rightly notes the drivel that most semester-long courses communicate to students. He feels that he can teach more in his short courses than many courses can in 15 weeks. 

He has a point; after four to six years, a large majority of college students leave their higher education jaded and apathetic toward true intellectual pursuits. Watching and discussing these five-minute courses are a great way to counter the negative cerebral habits brought on by the current state of the university.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Prager!

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