Re: Sin and Suicide

by Carol Iannone

Regarding the subject of young gay people and suicide, about which Robert and David had an exchange some days ago, here are some very good observations by Phil Mushnick, television columnist for the New York Post. He is referring to the 18-year-old Rutgers freshman who killed himself after some fiendish students secretly filmed him engaging in sex with another boy. 

So what has changed since this kid’s suicide? What TV network canceled its most desensitizing, youth-targeting show? What network refused to run violence or sex-filled promos for its TV shows?

What network told movie makers that they’ll now refuse to accept its most blood-soaked, assault rifles-blazing come-ons? What network told movie makers that it no longer will carry commercials for teen-targeting sex flicks? What network informed video game makers that its “games” have become so violent that it no longer will accept ads ?

Which network told the music industry, emphasis on hip-hop, that its words and images have become too coarse, too menacing, too misogynistic, too prurient, too hateful and just plain too antisocial to any longer serve as a commercial deliverer of such messages?

Is any network going to insist that the beer industry cease targeting entry-level drinkers with ads featuring barely legals joyriding in dune buggies? Will TV tell auto makers that it no longer will air commercials in which young drivers are shown going from 0-to-60 in the time it takes to open a Corona?

Which network declared, “We here at WXYZ will now carefully choose what we show and sell to young viewers”?

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