Praying for a Republican Sex Scandal

by Nathan Harden

The Chronicle of Higher Education, by some accounts our nation’s leading source of higher-ed news and opinion, hits a new low.

[Sen. Jim] DeMint’s part of that “Family” or “Fellowship” group of high-ranking Evangelicals — you know the ones —they support bloody coups in South America even as they plot how to make the rich richer?

That’s why I’m hoping You’ll listen to this one prayer and smite this man.  I’m not asking for much.  Just a little gay scandal.  Perhaps he could be caught with another man like Rekers?  Or maybe a mistress like South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford?  Or a very expensive sex worker like Eliot Spitzer?

Helpful Hint No. 1: This is supposed to be funny.

Helpful Hint No. 2: You are better off not asking yourself what this has to do with education.

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