Expanding Heads in an Expanding Universe

by Carol Iannone

I saw a rather confusing program on the National Geographic channel, “The Known Universe,” about how the universe is expanding at enormous speeds, and will do so indefinitely. What seemed also to have expanded were the heads of the physicists. One of them informed us from on high that we must not even ask the question, “What came before the big bang?” because it is meaningless. Not even just meaningless in the terms of present-day physics, but meaningless. Since there was no time or space before the big bang, the question is meaningless and we must not even ask!

See how science becomes authoritarian? You must not ask a question that occurs obviously and immediately to any normal, thinking mind — after decades of deleterious educational policy that has encouraged the questioning of everything, even whether there is any such thing as truth at all. But a physicist with a normal-sized head informs me that the correct response would be, “We don’t know.” Now that is wisdom.  

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