Re: Four Loko

by David French

Robert, I must congratulate you on introducing an entirely new form of discourse into the higher-ed debate: Joose-blogging. And despite our blood feud on other issues, you know I’m entirely with you that Four Loko shouldn’t be banned (binge drinking is a cultural problem more than a legal problem). However, I’d take care not to overstate your case. I can think of at least one other concoction that’s banned in spite of the fact that it’s nothing more than a mix of “completely legal substances”: Methamphetamine.

In fact, it’s powerfully addictive drugs like meth that make me unsympathetic to the legalization argument. How can we even talk about “consenting adults” when their will has essentially been destroyed by their addiction? Yes, I understand that alcoholism is a powerful addiction as well, but to permit one does not mean we must permit all, and the near-complete destruction of the meth-addled human mind seems to remove the human agency upon which rational action depends.

Finally, you say that Joose spices up your late night gaming? Color me skeptical. As a gamer myself, I’d think that a blackout-inducing drink would tend to dull the fast-twitch motor skills needed when facing the homicidal undead.

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