BYOTB: Bring Your Own Trash Bags

by Jason Fertig

As I ventured across the southern U.S. on my honeymoon with my beautiful new wife last week, I realized that I neglected to pack a plastic item for our trip — garbage bags! 

One of the running sources of amusement on our trip was how difficult it was to find a place to dispose of our coffee cups and water bottles, most notably in our hotels. The most comical event took place one day while waiting for the elevator on our floor. I happened to look over at the corner and I saw a bin with three trash receptacles and attached to the bin was the sign “Do not put trash here.” And no I was not under the influence of Four Loko or Whipped Lightning at the time. 

These bins were not “out of order” per se, they were simply dedicated to collecting various recyclables; unfortunately, there was no container dedicated to actual trash nearby to them (or at least a handy compost bin). It’s quite a fun experience to approach the front desk with a browning apple core to ask “where can I dispose of this?” 

Today as I was catching up on my readings, I came across Ashley Thorne’s experience mingling with eco-totalitarians at Princeton’s Sustainability Open House. As I read her experiences and reflected on my own, I couldn’t help but think about how far the university sustainability movement has spread into practice.

If only colleges were as successful in stimulating intellectual curiosity in students.  But I guess that reading and writing stuff is so 20th century.

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