Diversity Über Alles

by Roger Clegg

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports today on two studies released this week by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, one on minorities in the STEM disciplines and one on historically black colleges and universities. The common theme of the two reports appears to be the commonsense one that it does little good to admit students to schools in which the students’ academic qualifications are substantially below those of their peers. Not only are students more likely to flunk out, or become discouraged and drop out, or switch to less demanding majors, or decide not to pursue advanced degrees; they will also learn less, since the classes are not being taught at their level. They will be less likely to pass the bar exam, for example, even if they do graduate. All of this is predictable and it is all increasingly well-documented. But the mismatching continues, and is ignored along with all the other costs of racial preferences, because diversity über alles

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