Poll on Higher-Ed Views Has Good News and Bad

by George Leef

The Huffington Post has a story on a recent poll (Associated Press and Stanford) on what Americans think about higher education. More good news than bad, I’d say.

We’re hearing a lot of whining about low graduation rates, with the blame directed at schools for not doing enough to make sure students graduate, but most people instead put the blame on students, which is just where it belongs. Also in the good-news category, the idea that we get better education by throwing more money into the system is losing its grip, with more people disagreeing than agreeing with that notion. On the other hand, the poll says that 79 percent of the respondents agree with the statement that the economy would be stronger if all Americans had at least a two-year degree. Apparently, most people still believe that college-seat time necessarily means more knowledge, more skill, and more earnings. It doesn’t.

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