Playing the Hate Card

by David French

In today’s Washington Post, Matthew Franck has an excellent op-ed decrying the increasing tendency for the Left to label support for marriage or traditional sexual morality “hate speech.” It’s no coincidence that Mr. Franck’s examples of labeling Christian expression are clustered on campus. After all, the university (the home of the speech code) is the last place you want to go for genuine dialogue on contentious cultural matters. The ideological monoculture not only excludes dissenting voices, it has become so insular that it cannot even imagine good-faith disagreement with its collective view.

I applaud Mr. Franck’s call for real debate, but I fear that we’ll only see more censorship, more name-calling, and more hate-mongering. After all, the strategy tends to work. In the world of ideas, stigma beats dogma.

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