Young Alumni Say College Was ‘Worth It’

by Jason Fertig

On December 8, I dissected an article on graduation rates that based its conclusion on shoddy statistics. To my dismay, last week, I came across an article in the Chronicle that states:

Eighty-nine percent of respondents said their college experience had been worth it, and 85 percent said their education had prepared them at least adequately well for the jobs they now held.

About 80 percent of alumni said they would attend the same undergraduate institution if given the chance, though the number was higher at four-year than at two-year colleges.


“For something that takes this much time and this much money, it still draws a nearly unanimous declaration of its value,” said the council’s president, Molly C. Broad.

Officials said the poll provided a strong argument against government officials who were thinking about cutting support for higher education.

I do hope that red flags are raised in the majority of readers’ minds when they read statistics like these. As I mentioned today on the NAS site:

While the college degree is not completely worthless, its current value is certainly a topic for heated debate. But, in order to have this debate, I urge the public not to roll over when the words “study” or “percent” make an appearance. 

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