The Recession-Proof Graduate

by Thomas A. Shakely

Charlie Hoehn, a 24-year-old online marketer and former intern for Seth Godin, has created an unconventional guide that every young person — especially soon-to-be-graduates — should see. The 30-page “Recession-Proof Graduate” aims to help graduates find work that’s both satisfying and meaningful, even admist a cratering economy.

After graduating, Hoehn, who had departed campus with honors, was struggling to find a job. “I had done everything ‘the right way,’” he writes, but “not one professor taught us how to buoy ourselves through a recession.”

And yet within eight months, he writes, he had worked with four New York Times bestselling authors, a Hollywood producer, and several entrepreneurs. The guide includes the idea of using “free work” to one’s advantage, establishing a blog to cement one’s reputation, and ruthlessly cutting ancillary costs.

See the full guide below, or visit Charlie Hoehn’s website.

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