A Radio Ad Just for George Leef

by David French

You know you blog too much when you hear a radio ad and think, “I wish George Leef could hear this!” George, quite simply, owns the “higher ed is oversold” storyline. In fact, I’m waiting for a lawyer letter requiring all of us to include an obligatory “hat tip, George Leef” whenever we mention the bubble or the lack of any real academic standards in modern higher ed.

But I digress. The radio ad in question (which I’m desperately trying to find on the Web) came from Belmont University, one of those middle-level southern private universities that can’t distance itself from its Christian heritage fast enough. The ad takes place against the backdrop of what sounds like video-game noises (memo to Belmont, video games sound different than they did in the 1980s; I should know) and features two guys talking about adult-education programs at Belmont. One tries to convince his game-playing friend that Belmont is the place for him. Why? Because he can “design his own degree.” (Of course.) Also, Belmont’s academic demands won’t interfere with his job. (Okay, I understand the need to work through school.) But here’s the kicker: Belmont won’t even cut into his gaming life! Yes, you too can go to the U.S. News fifth-ranked “Regional Universities South” without missing a moment of Call of DutyBut it will cost you.

George, the end is nigh.    

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