Re: Video Games

by David French

Nathan, rarely have I felt so conflicted. My sensible self looks at a Starcraft II course and is appalled. Two honors credits to play a real-time strategy game featuring Terrans, Protoss, and Zergs? Seriously? But then I hear the siren call of my inner geek, and from the deep recesses of my memory I recall the same University of Florida has enacted a zombie disaster preparation plan.  

Zombies and Zergs? Together at last? That’s my price. I’m selling out all my conservative principles and academic reform street cred to jump on the Gator bandwagon. Right here. Right now.  

Dear University of Florida, I hereby submit my CV to become your first-ever (and long-awaited) Chair of Videogame Studies.  Here is my story: “From Pong to Warcraft, One Lawyer’s Journey.”

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