Using Campuses to Propagate Radical Islam

by Candace de Russy

The National Muslim Law Students Association is sponsoring a conference, titled “Constructive Roles for Islamic Law in Western Society,” at Penn Law on February 26.

Matt Barber, an attorney in constitutional law, finds little of “constructive” in Islamic law, or shariah. Writing at Family Security Matters, he also notes disapprovingly that Asifa Quraishi, a University of Wisconsin law professor and founding member of the National Association of Muslim Lawyers, is to present. 

Quraishi, who was selected by the Obama administration to accompany Hillary Clinton at last year’s U.N. Commission on the Status of Women, favors incorporating shariah law through “local Muslim tribunals” into the U.S. judiciary. She is hopeful that “some judges would welcome the existence of reliable arbiters of Islamic family law issues, and may even be undertaking their own consultation from Muslim authorities in the interim.” 

Barber says, with justified dismay, that such promotion of Islamic law “begs the question”:

Which parts of Shariah do we incorporate? The provision that renders women chattel to be beaten or killed with impunity? Or how about the death penalty for homosexuals? What about the part offering the choice between conversion to Islam, enslavement or death?

What is that binds the American left to Muslim extremists?

Liberals are the naïve, codependent enablers of a global Islamofascist movement bent on taking-down the “Great Satan” and his “Zionist” ally, Israel.   Although their long-term goals differ significantly, militant “progressives” and radical Islamists have a common mid-range vision: The left seeks to “repeal and replace,” if you will, our Constitutional Republic with a Euro-style secular-socialist utopia. Hard-line Islamists seek to destroy us outright and supplant our government with a global Islamic State … [whereas]  more “moderate” Islamists appear to favor bringing down Western civilization from within … ever-so-slowly.

The latter are exploiting academe and our own constitutional freedoms to accomplish this end. As for the American left, if it prevails, “we may just ‘tolerate’ ourselves right out of existence.”  

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