Oregon State U. Targets Republican’s Children

by Candace de Russy

Last fall, Republican Art Robinson ran for Congress against Democrat Peter DeFazio. Upon losing (due, in Robinson’s view, to “a massive smear campaign” paid for with funds generated by progressive MoveOn.org and its ilk), Robinson announced his candidacy for 2012.

Writing at WorldNetDaily, Robinson relates how faculty administrators at Oregon State University proceeded to give new — even “unprecedented” in American politics – “meaning to the term ‘political payback’”:

They initiated an attack on my three children — Joshua, Bethany and Matthew — for the purpose of throwing them all out of the OSU graduate school [of nuclear engineering], despite their outstanding academic and research accomplishments. OSU is a liberal socialist Democrat stronghold in Oregon that received a reported $27 million in earmark funding from my opponent, Peter DeFazio, and his Democrat colleagues during the last legislative session.

The chairman of the nuclear-engineering department, militant feminist Kathryn Higley, and her allies are not only expelling four-year Ph.D. student Joshua Robinson from OSU at the end of the current academic quarter, but also handing over the prompt-neutron-activation-analysis facility Joshua constructed for his thesis work to Higley’s husband, an instructor in the department, for his own professional gain, writes Robinson.

Similar plans for retribution against Bethany and Matthew Robinson are in progress.

In addition, a plan is underway to destroy the career and take away the research grants of  distinguished OSU professor of nuclear engineering Jack Higginbotham, who warned the Robinson family of the administrators’ machinations and came to its defense. Higginbotham “personally has become the target of a campaign of defamation, vilification, persecution, Star-Chamber humiliation and other career-destroying actions.”

OSU deans and the president of the university, Edward Ray — a supporter of DeFazio on the campus — have to date not taken action to halt these  ”dishonorable and illegal actions.” Robinson believes that “orders for the attacks on the Robinson students are coming from sources far above Ray in the Democrat political machine.” Pleading for a strong and immediate outcry from the public, he concludes:

Nepotistic husband-and-wife combinations and new hires of their own graduate students have brought the department under the control of unprincipled people [ideologues, and a dwindling number of engineers] who have enthusiastically participated in the attacks on the Robinson students and Professor Higginbotham – attacks that have violated numerous OSU academic rules, several laws and the most basic professional ethics.

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