Community College or More Student Debt?

by Nathan Harden

The New York Times profiles a rising high-school senior who is weighing whether to attend an expensive private college, or to spend two years first attending a much more affordable community college. The Times asks its readers to weigh in on the issue, and as a result, a very interesting debate takes shape in the comments section of the piece. People seem to be very passionate and, at times, even defensive about their own opinions on the worth of a high-cost college degree.

There’s no one answer that fits everyone. But for most young people, if greater future earnings are the goal, I would recommend taking the two-year community college route prior to entering a four-year school. Save yourself twenty or thirty thousand bucks, and use it to start a business. Working for yourself would give you a far greater chance of becoming rich. And you may find you learn more that way too.

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