The Reason for the Outrage in Princeton

by The Editors

As I wrote in Thursday’s NAS article, the real reason for the anger at Princeton Theological Seminary over pro-life flyers about the link between eugenics and African-American abortions was not that the images in the flyers were offensive. Similar images (of the KKK, slaves on an auction block, etc.) were used for the poster for the protest event on Wednesday night, and the panelists themselves said they used similar images in their classes.

The real reason for the outrage was that the academic Left believes it owns the terms (and images that represent the terms) “social justice . . . genocide . . .. slavery . . . racism.” And the academic Left will not cede such rhetoric to a Right cause, such as pro-life, even pro-African-American-life.

It is terribly unfortunate that the reaction at Princeton Theological Seminary set the example for academia of a mindset that says, as one reader wrote, “unless you talk about racism in the politically correct way, you will be deemed a racist.” PTS missed a big opportunity to apply the Left’s arguments to an urgent cause, and to have any real debate over the ideas advanced in the flyers.

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